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Two Relaxation Practices for Pregnant People amid the Chaos

I know we haven't met in person, yet I believe in you. I believe in your power, judgment, and narrative. I am sorry the world is shifting in unprecedented ways that may be leaving you confused, scared, and angry. Life already had so many obstacles before this chaos. Right now, there are plenty of blogs, articles, and posts about where to birth baby, if breast or chest feeding is safe, and the ever-changing hospital policies set State by State. Some parents' minds spinning, heart racing, and possibly uncertain of what to do. I would like to provide two relaxation practices that you can do at your own pace and in your own space.

1: Physical Relaxation Exercise

Unclench your jaw, soften your shoulders, and relax your facial muscles. Now, take a deep breath in your nose and exhale an "ah" out your mouth. Doing this is a gentle practice for yourself. A soft practice of self-compassion. Do this until there is a deeper sense of relaxation than before the start of reading this article.

2: Emotional Relaxation Exercise

Now, take this time to write out, visualize, or ponder on the people, places, and things that make your body feel joy. Could it be the taste of sakura bubble tea? Could it be the scent of dried lavender? Could it be the sensation of diving your hands deep into a pile of skittles? Let yourself go into a place of curiosity, content, or adventure. Remember, what you find during this practice is yours to keep. Come back to it when feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or uncertain. You are welcome to close your eyes and come back to this place of joy. Remember to breathe.

The two exercises provided are yours to keep. Keep when feeling anxious about your birth plan, tired from talking statistics, or whenever you feel like it. You are doing the best you can with what you have, amid the chaos.

If you are in need of additional parental support, you can find resources here

A special thank you to Sabia Wade, founder of Birth Advocacy Doula Training for sharing the Emotional Relaxation Exercise. To Donate to Birth Advocacy Doula Training, click here

Thank you!

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